Strategic Plan for Beitulla

The idea of plstratgic planning is how to convert disadvantage and threatens into advantage and opportunities, the following is a brief abstract of Beit Ulla strategic plan.

Status, Obstacles, and Development goals

Status: Beit Ulla is a town located about 10km northwest of Hebron city, the population is estimated to be 14000 residence. We depend heavily on agriculture, then industry and Israeli labor market for our productive resources . We have many future opportunities with the promotion of archeological sites and tourism.

Obstacles: we face many obstacles in reaching our potential as a community. The town suffers from a lack of good medical services and hospital; absence of sewage system; lack of a cultural and sports center for the youth; and supporting finances to accomplish the goals and desires of the community.

There is the existence of one medical clinic, which was built for emergencies only. At present it is not meeting the needs of the community . it is imperative for us to build a comprehensive medical center immediately.

Water, the source of life is an urgent and major need for Beit Ulla, we have a scarcity of water during the summer threatening the agricultural growth and well-being of the community, Pipelines and wells are needed to establish a reserve system.

Agriculture: is the basis for overall development, our plan was to renew/ rehabilitate 5000dunums of land for planting; establishing 300 wells to gather rain water with an estimated capacity of 100m3/each. We want to build 20km of agricultural roads to access the farmland. Finally in the green area we want to establish the land for livestock and rebuild the green houses .

Industry : an establishment of a precisely defined industrial zoon, to be located near the green area for future agro-industrial development.

Another goal is to rebuild the northern and southern main roads entering our town so the first look is a positive of the community, other infrastructure projects will be implemented during this strategic process.

you can see Beit Ulla is a growing community with desire to be more prospective with the ability to be better the lives of the people and livestock.

In the first year (2012)of our endeavor to achieve our strategic goals, the following projects were totally executed:-


developmental sector

Project Name

Estimated cost

Actual cost




Rehabilitation and pavement of internal roads








Including establishment of 27 water cisterns, plants, walls, roads, land rehabilitation


Tools and instruments

UNRWA JCP program


Tools and instruments employed to serve all developmental goals


Health and environments

Garbage collections (3)

Offer 100 garbage containers to serve environmental goals, with capacity of 1.1 cubic meters


Health and environment

Building for (2)civil defense

The building owned by the municipality and offered freely for the civil defense.



Expansion of electrical networks(1)




Municipality internal development

Municipality systems computerization



Computerized accounting system &Human resources system,  signing an agreement with  Palestinian retirement agency

(1)     This project does not mentioned explicitly in the strategic plan (2012-2016), but assumed implicitly in the infrastructure projects.

(2)     The municipality offer the Building for the civil defense , with no  explicit cost.

(3)      100 Garbage containers was offered by ministry of local government with no mentioned cost.

H R Management

Jehad Nemer